This year we had 103 entries of which 77 turned up on the day at Avon Heath Country Park.

The 2008 Run took in an area around Burley and Lyndhurst extending out into Dorset with the spectacular views around Zig Zag Hill and Cranborne Chase.

There was a half way halt for refreshments at the Bramble Hill Hotel, with the cars arriving at the end at The Compasses Inn at Damerham around lunchtime.

On the way round we encountered other classic car owners who were also out enjoying their cars on “Drive it Day”. There was a group of Austins and, later on, a group of MGs who fortunately, this time were going in a different direction to ourselves. Hence there was no confusion over the correct route!

Most of the 77 starters made it to the end without incident with no major casualties. As far as I am aware there were only 2 incidents both involving fuel problems, a very nice example of a TR7 who unfortunately had to retire at the start and secondly a TR4A which had difficulties restarting at the beginning and again at the halfway halt. There was one other casualty on the way home – one of our own Marshalls who suffered a siezed front wheel bearing and had to call on the services of the RAC to get home.

For the second year running we were very lucky with the weather. Throughout the day we had enjoyed excellent weather including sunshine. Even the rain did the decent thing and waited until after the event had finished and we were on our way home. Could this be a sign that we classic car owners have one powerful ally? – Possibly!

At this point I feel a special mention should go out to all the Area Organisers / Group Leaders who have supported our event. Without this support we would simply not be able to hold the event and it would not be the success it has been. I won’t mention any names but you know who you are – they involve areas of the TR Register, TR Drivers, TSSC, Stag Owners, Dolomite Register etc.

The results of this year’s voting for the Best Car in each class were as follows:

TR2/TR4 – TR2 of B. Schofield

TR5/TR6 – TR6 of R. Hughes

TR7/TR8 – TR7 of J. Davies

Herald/Vitesse – Herald 1200 of L. O’Kelly

Spitfire/GT6 – Spitfire 1500 of A. Taylor-Jones

Stag – Stag of R. Rowe

Saloons – Dolomite Sprint of C. Curtis

Others – Mazda MX5 of D. Budden

Congratulations go to all the above in particular L. O’Kelly and A. Taylor-Jones who have both won their categories for the last 2 years.

Overall Car of The Show Was Entry Number 81 – Tr2 of A. Postlethwaite. The Trophy for this class was of a size that afforded it Pride of Place on the way home – the lap of the passenger!

TR2-4 14

TR5-6 10

TR7-8 17

Her/Vit 5

Spit/GT6 10

Saloons 7

Stag 11

Others 3


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