This year saw the revival of a popular event after a break of 5 years. 74 Cars turned up at Avon Heath Country Park on the day. Starting around 10.00am, the Run took in a route of approximately 64 miles through the western region of The New Forest and the surrounding countryside. There was a halfway stop at The Compasses Inn at Damerham with the route returning back to Avon Heath Country Park around 2.00pm. The meticulous planning and organisation paid off which meant everybody had a thoroughly good day out – we even had glorious sunshine!

Of the 74 starters all but 3 made it to the end – One Stag that unfortunately did not want to start one TR7 that lost a rear spring and a Porsche (TR 8 Substitute) that had a binding front caliper – so much for exotica!

Video – YouTube

For those interested in the stats – we had the following cars turn up on the day:

TR2 –  2

TR3 – 2

TR4 – 6

TR5 – 0

TR6 – 6

TR7 – 18

TR8 – 6

Vitesse – 0

Herald – 2

Spitfire – 8

GT6 – 2

Dolomite – 1

1500 -2

2000 – 2

Stag – 9

Acclaim –  1

Others – 7

Total – 74


The results of the voting for best car in class were as follows:-

TR2/4 – TR 2 of A. Postelthwaite

TR5/6 – TR 6 of M. King

TR7/8 – TR 7 V8 of I. Johnstone

Herald/Vitesse – Herald 1200 of C. O’Kelly

Spitfire/GT6 – Spitfire 1500 of A. Taylor-Jones

Stag – Stag of A. Woolard

Saloons – 2000 Mk1 of J. Wood

Others – E-Type Jaguar of B. Ray


The overall winner: Car of the Show was Entry Number 58 – Stag of A.Woolard. 

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