2018 Winners
      Winner   Runner Up
TR 2, 3 & 4     C Cunnington   P Gale
      TR4A   TR2
TR 5 & 6     T Alderton   T Watson
      TR5   TR6
TR 7 & 8     J Cave   H Brown
      TR7   TR7 V8
Herald / Vitesse     M Ayling   P Greenslade
      Herald 1200   Herald 1200
Spitfire / GT6     C Read   J Aldus
      GT6 Mk3   Spitfire Mk3
Stag     G Pigott   G Martin
Small Saloons     C Curtis   T Burd
      Dolly Sprint   Dolly Sprint
Big Saloons     N Woodward   J Wood
      2000 Mk2   2000 Mk1
Others     C Fisher   A Belcher
      Bond   Bond Equipe
Car of The Show     C Pearce    

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