Triumph Sports Six Club

The Triumph Sports Six Club is open to all Triumph enthusiasts, with the primary aims including the promotion, preservation and restoration of Standard Triumph vehicles.


TR Drivers Club

The club caters for all enthusiasts of the Triumph TR Sport Car range; from TR2 to TR8. We have a large membership spread across the United Kingdom, with associations and members worldwide. It is run on a voluntary basis, by the true enthusiasts…. we live, breathe, and eat TRs!


Stag Owners Club

The Stag Owners Club was founded in November 1979 by Tony Hart, proprietor of Hart Racing Services, who have been specializing in the Triumph Stag since 1974.


TR Register

For all TR owners, past, present and future.


Standard-Triumph Forum

The Forum is an umbrella organisation set up by the clubs interested in preserving and running any vehicle manufactured by the Standard and Triumph companies.


Austin Rover Online

AROnline is the Internet’s premier website for news, test drives, features, nostalgia, and production and sales data relating to the cars produced by BMC, BL, Rover and other important British manufacturers.


Federation Of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs is a grouping of over 450 Clubs and Museums together with some 1500 Trade and Individual Supporters. The aim of the Federation is to uphold the freedom to use old vehicles on the roads without any undue restriction and to support its member organisations in whatever way it can.


Pre-1940 Triumph Owners Club

A Club of enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation and running of pre-war Triumph cars.

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