I would like to start by thanking the people who organized the New Forest Run, it was obvious that a lot of work had gone on to make the day such a success.

My precious TR6 had had her chrome cleaned ready for the big day, sandwiches made the night before, in fact we were really well organized for a great day out in the New Forest. However, the TR had other ideas, we had not long left home when she started to play up and eventually stalled on us completely, so a call to Greenflag was made and their mechanic duly arrived and seemed to know what he was talking about, mind you he did appreciate a first class engine that didn’t need a computer to fix it! Some magic spray and a little play around with various wires and lo and behold away she went and no further trouble all day save the exhaust catching the rises in the road.

Whilst I love my car, it was obvious to me that other people love theirs as much and are prepared to spend both a lot of time and money on their dream machines, if I ever win the lottery then mine will be pristine, but she will still be a road vehicle and not shut away in some dusty garage somewhere. These cars were built to be driven and that is what should happen to them on a regular basis.

Anyway, back to the New Forest Run, as a result of our delay we arrived half way through the event having according to my son missed the best bit of the Run, but the afternoon run was to our mind quite inspired. I say our minds as I had my wife/passenger/navigator with me who kept complaining every time we passed a Pub, but it was quite noticeable how the navigation directions given to us seemed to mention every Pub on the route which leads me to wonder what fun the organizers had had planning the event!!

The drive through the forest is always beautiful and at this time of year just as the bluebells are coming into bloom and the Cherry Trees busting forth with their gorgeous blossoms which seem so short lived, the other fruit trees are also displaying their finery, what a wonderful time of year. The roads in the Forest are always fraught with problems of traffic, but this was made worse by the number of cyclists out there, not to mention the old nags, I mean the horses not passengers in other cars.

We are looking forward to next years event and pray that the weather will be just as kind as this year.

Barry Bryan

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