2018 Run Details

Wessex and New Forest Triumph Run - Sunday 29th April 2018

All Triumph Cars and their owners are invited to join us again for what has become a must event in the Triumph calendar. 

The Run will start from the Ringwood Long Stay / Lorry Park at approximately 10.30am on Sunday 29th April 2018. It will be the usual leisurely drive through the New Forest and surrounding countryside in the company of other Triumph cars and their owners.

This year the format will change slightly in that there will not be a halfway halt.

Instead there will be a Run of approximately 2 hours length which will end at Boldre Memorial Hall where complementary afternoon teas will be available.

We hope this new format will provide everyone more time to enjoy your picnics and socialise with other Triumph enthusiasts at the end of the Run.

The day will conclude with the customary Prize Giving around 3.30pm. 

The closing date for entries is 31st March 2018. 

Entries received after this date are not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the organisers.

We look forward to seeing you and your Triumph on the day. 

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At one point 2013’s run looked set for problems with bad weather and a possible conflict with another event being held in the forest on the same day. However, our fears were proved to be unfounded and the bad weather abated for one day. We were again very lucky with the weather on the day - whilst it was cool and cloudy, there were outbreaks of sunshine and it remained dry for the duration of the event.

We had another “fantastic” turn out of Triumph cars with examples ranging from the TR’s, Heralds & Vitesses, Spitfires & GT6’s, Stags, Dolomites, 2000/2500, together with the by now customary “Honorary Triumph’s for the day. This latter category including a Healey 3000, a Mercedes SLK 230, a Mercedes 300SL, a Grinnal. We even had an MGF on the day (that is up to the point the keys managed to get themselves locked in the boot!) In all we had 120 cars turning up at Avon Heath Country Park for the start out of a total of 149 entries.

This year’s run got underway from Avon Heath around the customary time of 10.30am with the marshalls having previously departed to their allotted positions. The Route took in the scenery around Avon, Burley, Bolderwood, Stoney Cross, Bramshaw, with the halfway halt at Copythorne. This year we had procured Copythorne Parish Hall with its adjoining field and car park for the Halfway Stop.

After suitable time to relax and take advantage of complementary teas and coffees we got underway again for the second half which took us out via Cadnum, Minstead, Emery Down, Rhinefield, Sway and New Milton, finally ending up at Sammy Millers Motorcycle Museum. Due to the previous day’s rain we were unable to park on the grassed area as arranged. However we managed to fit everyone in on the tarmac areas and along the perimeter of the museum building. All entrants had the opportunity to take up the offer of discounted entry for the museum which houses a fantastic array of various motorcycles.

Sammy Miller himself had kindly agreed to give out the prizes for the cars voted as best in the various classes.

We were lucky again this year in that all the planning that goes into the event paid off and there was no major incident. The only breakdowns being due to fuel problems (one a TR6 and the other a Vitesse).

All in all, I think everyone who came along had a good day and enjoyed the Run, the forest scenery and of course the respite in the weather. This is certainly the impression gained from subsequent comments and thanks received.

Now the Statistics:

  Winner Runner Up
TR 2, 3 & 4  D. Eaton  M. Thomas
  TR 3A TR 4A
TR 5 & 6  P. Taylor  T. Watson
  TR 5 TR 5
TR 7 & 8  R. Hankins  T. Francis
  TR 7 TR 8
Herald / Vitesse  M. Steinson  R. Smith
  Vitesse Herald 13/60
Spitfire / GT6  C. Read  N. Fletcher
  GT6 GT6
Stag  P. Harper  P. Brent
Saloons  P. Toner  V. Ralph
  Dolomite  Sprint 2500S
Others M. Hammond   
  Healy 3000   


Due to the fantastic number of entries this year we were again able to offer prizes not only for the Best Car but also the Runner Up in each of 8 categories in the self judging concours. The results of which are as follows:

Cars Entered Actual 
TR2 2 0
TR3 4 4
TR4 11 9
TR5 2 2
TR250 2 2
TR6 22 17
TR7 16 13
TR8 9 8
Vitesse 7 5
Herald 8 6
Spitfire 11 10
GT6 5 5
Dolomite 8 6
2000/2500 3 3
Stag 30 22
Acclaim 2 2
Others 7 6
  149 120


In addition to the above there was also a separate prize for what was deemed to be the “Car of The Show”. This was chosen for us independently by Sammy Miller. His choice of “Car of the Run” was the Dolomite Sprint of P. Geering.

We also have, courtesy of “That Bloke with the Camera”, a good photographic record of the day. Allan has put these on Flickr for all to enjoy. These can be viewed via the following link.

I think that everyone appreciates that there is a lot of work that goes into the planning of this event, designing the route and obtaining the various permits and insurance required. Most of which goes on behind the scenes before the day. In addition there is the organising of the booking in at the start, the band of volunteer marshalls around the route, the halfway refreshments and the arrangements at the end of the Run. I would like to pass on the many thanks received from numerous participants to everyone involved in making the day the success it has been.


I would also like say a big thank you from us to everyone who came along with their Triumph on the day. Also I feel a special mention should go out to all the Area Organisers and Group Leaders who have supported our event. Without this support we would simply not be able to hold the event and it would not be the success it has been. I won’t mention any names but you know who you are – they involve areas of the TR Register, TR Drivers, TSSC, Stag Owners, 2000/2500 Register, Dolomite Register etc.