2017 Run Details

Wessex and New Forest Triumph Run - Sunday 23rd April 2017

Now in its 25th Silver Jubilee Year, all Triumph Cars and their owners are invited to join us for this milestone event.

The Run will start from the Ringwood Long Stay / Lorry Park at approximately 10am on Sunday 23rd April 2017. It will be the usual leisurely drive through the New Forest and surrounding countryside in the company of other Triumph cars and their owners.

There will be the usual halfway halt with complementary teas and coffees.

The Run will end at Damerham where, as it’s our 25th Run, you are invited to join us for a complimentary cup of Tea or Coffee and Scone (with Jam and Cream). These will be available in Damerham Village Hall.

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Welcome to the Wessex and New Forest Triumph Run website.
Organised by the Wessex Area of the Triumph Sports Six Club with the assistance of the Southern Area of the TR Drivers Club, this event involves the participation of members from all the Triumph Clubs including the TR Register and the Stag Owners. If you own a Triumph you are welcome to join in.
The event involves a leisurely drive around the western region of the New Forest and Surrounding Countryside in the company of fellow enthusiasts. The camaraderie of the event is an excellent example of how all the Triumph Clubs can work together at a local level for the good of the Triumph Marque and the Classic Car movement as a whole. To this end we support the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and their “Drive It Day”, the aim of which is to keep historic vehicles on the road and the preservation of our road transport heritage.